LeachLAN 6 – Bring A Newb For A Fiver!

Back by popular request, you are now able to “bring a newb for a fiver” to LeachLAN 6!

This promotion will work the same way as it did at LeachLAN 5, where anyone who is currently fully booked and paid for LeachLAN 6 can invite a friend who hasn’t been to one of our LeachLAN events, to LeachLAN 6. For just £5 each!

There are only 10 newb spaces for LeachLAN 6, and these are limited to one newb per person. And when they’re gone. They’re gone! These

Has this got the gaming juices flowing for you and your friends? Then, there are three quick steps that you need to complete to get gaming!

Step 1) Get your friend to signup to our booking system at the booking area of our website
Step 2) Drop us an email on behalf of them billing@swlans.co.uk to let us know they’re booking, and they’re coming with you!
Step 3) Get them to signup for LeachLAN6 as a BACs booking and send us £5 via bank transfer.

We look forward to seeing you and your friends at LeachLAN 6 in a few months time!

//The SouthWest LANs Event Team