LeachLAN 9 nearly here!

Just over a month to go, LeachLAN 9 will be kicking off on Thursday the 25th July at 6pm and going on right through to 6pm on the Monday (that’s 96 complete hours for gaming in!). This means our early bird discount will be ending in 8 days – book before midnight on the 25th June to get the 10% reduction to £45 before the price rises to the full £50. With that saved £5 you can then take advantage of our generous bring-a-newb policy to bring someone who’s not been to any SWLANs event for a meagre £5. Our booking system has changed recently and sadly we can no longer accept BACS (bank transfers) as payment – only card and paypal now, but we’ve waved the extra fees to simplify things a little.

We’ll have more details on what to expect aside from the usual – timetables, seating plans, details of social events (e.g. the pub quiz) which take full advantage of the extra space Northleach offers us, delicious greasy food and all the rest. For now though we’d like to advertise our latest website feature – the ability to link your steam account to your SWLANs account. To link the two:

  1. Log in by going to http://www.swlans.co.uk/booking/
  2. Click the link to your Control Panel
  3. Click the button to log in through steam’s website
  4. Confirm your email on SWLANs.co.uk again
  5. Book your place for L9 (optional but highly recommended!)

We’ve been working on this functionality for some time and have some plans on how to make good use of it – from organising games before L9 starts to better facilitating awareness at our LANs of who’s playing what or sitting where. We’re looking forward to continue improving our LANs and hope you’ll join us next month.