Nickname Clan Name Seat Status
knappster Boxowin Carl Knapp Booked
lordneon Neil Jones Booked
murder inc. RoF Cole Jefferies Booked
magnum p.i.e Chris Powell Booked
-32 Nicholas Booked
TH3-Oval damon Booked
stygies Geraint Duck Booked
wyrm COGS Sam Booked
Esvandiary COGS Andy Martin Booked
brave sir robbo COGS Will Robinson Booked
k-os Thomas Ansty Booked
XenoPhoenix COGS Robert Blenkinsopp Booked
cicatriz Rainbowpigs Caroline Unt Booked
socaddict COGS Joshua Abrahams Altass Booked
wildfire 0v0 Chris K Booked
riot boxowin Ryan Hopkins Booked
admiralgt COGS Geoff Thomas Booked
mayflower cogs natasha Booked COGS pete Booked
mastacheif boxowin Andrew Wilson Booked
closing-gap boxowin Frazer Smith Booked
sasakura COGS Ciaran Booked
emfluffle Emily Johnson Booked
idylla boxowin Dave Booked
tobythorne Box\'o\'Win Toby Thorne Booked
reaper PANDA Tom McEnteggart Booked
RobCab Robin Inchbald Booked
antrobus [FTB] Tony Booked
minidisk I AM THE ONE AND ONLY Minidisk Booked
jobabob boxowin This badge entitles me to free chips upon presentation Booked
hybrid Chris Ohman Booked
sbb Ben Taylor Booked
smooth_criminal1990 %0|%0 Jason Aftalion Booked
rookie Sam Pascoe Booked
murray-mint [CLUK] Michael Smith Booked
Predobear pred Booked
blah .. none Booked
dominus dominic buckley Booked
wisewashu Jay Davies Booked
some idiot Marc Aftalion Booked
skyboat Rob Pending
narella #self Lee Perry Pending