SouthWest LANs are proud to present; LeachLAN2! The return of the LeachLAN series, but now EVEN LONGER! With an extra 7 hours of gaming. Making it a 57 hour event! Set in the glorious Gloucestershire countryside is the picturesque Cotswold Town of Northleach. Nestled within its boroughs is the Westwoods Centre where LeachLAN 2 will return to its true home! The event will begin on 9AM 2nd May, and ends at 6PM on 4th May (Early May Bank Holiday). A full range of prices for participants, spectators and additional services can be found below.

The Location & Venue

LeachLAN 2 is to be held at the Westwoods Centre in the town of Northleach (click for location) in the county of Gloucestershire. Conveniently located on 2 trunk roads (the A40 and A429) which connect the M5 and M4, less than 30 minutes drive from Gloucester, Oxford, Cheltenham and Swindon. For those who are unable to get transport by car, there are rail services in the nearby towns of Moreton-In-Marsh and Kemble, both of which have direct bus services (Number 855) to Northleach.

 Inside LeachLAN 1

In the town of Northleach there is a small but well stocked Londis, a baker that sells a variety of hot or cold sandwiches, cakes and buns as well as a Cantonese style take away, a Fish and Chip shop and a cafe that will do you a good hearty breakfast. There are also a number of Bed & Breakfasts in the town, more details for these will be published shortly. The Local “large” Supermarket (The Co-Op) can be found in the town of Bourton-on-the-water and is a short 10 minute drive from the venue itself. Bourton does also offer a wider range of takeaways and B&Bs, so it’s always worth a visit!

A full detailed map of the local amenities can be found here

The Westwoods Centre

Event Summary

  • The event begins on 9AM 2nd May, and ends at 6PM on the 4th May(Early May bank holiday).
  • 80 BYOC spaces.
  • On-Site Bar, Details on opening times to follow (Reasonably priced, roughly £2 a pint)
  • Male & Female toilets and showers.
  • Disabled access is available throughout the entire venue.
  • On-site camping.
  • ADSL Internet access. (restricted to web browsing, internet chat clients & Steam login, See FAQ for further information)
  • FREE BBQ on Saturday night (weather permitting).

Ticket & Services prices

  • The entrance fee is £40 for participants for the duration.
  • Spectator entrance fee is £5 per day or £10 for the entire weekend.
  • Wireless is available at the cost of £5 for the weekend.
  • Server co-location is available for the cost of £10 for the weekend.
  • Additional wired connection is available for £10 for the weekend.

Tickets are on sale now, so head over to the booking page and sign up!

From the minute you’ve completed setup at the event until the minute you go home there will always be something to do! Play in one of our organised big games, participate in a tournament, play a spot of Guitar Hero or even Rock Band in the console corner. Or even chill out and have a few drinks with your mates! There will be a variety of game servers up over the duration of the LAN, but if there isn’t one up for the game you’d like to play, just ask! We’ll then try our very best to get one up for you, and even put an announcement out once its up so other people can join in! In short, LeachLAN 2 will be well stocked with fun-filled caffeine-fuelled gaming action!

Venue Address:
The Westwoods Centre
Basset Road
GL54 3QJ

Click for Location