LeachLAN 14

Set in the glorious Gloucestershire countryside is the picturesque Cotswold Town of Northleach. Nestled within its boroughs is the Westwoods Centre where LeachLAN 14 will return to its true home! The event will begin on Thursday 8th of June at 6PM and ends on Monday 12th of June at 6PM. A full range of prices for participants, spectators and additional services can be found below. Book before Midnight on the 8th of May to receive a £10 discount off your entry fee!

The Location & Venue

LeachLAN 14 is to be held at the Westwoods Centre in the town of Northleach (click for location) in the county of Gloucestershire. Conveniently located on 2 trunk roads (the A40 and A429) which connect the M5 and M4, less than 30 minutes drive from Gloucester, Oxford, Cheltenham and Swindon. For those who are unable to get transport by car, there are rail services in the nearby towns of Moreton-In-Marsh and Kemble, both of which have direct bus services (Number 855) to Northleach Monday-Friday Timetable, Saturday Timetable.

In the town of Northleach there is a small but well stocked Londis, a baker that sells a variety of hot or cold sandwiches, cakes and buns as well as a Fish and Chip shop and a cafe that will do you a good hearty breakfast. There are also a number of Bed & Breakfasts in the town, as well as two travelodge’s within 15 minutes drive. The Local “large” Supermarket (The Co-Operative Food) can be found in the town of Bourton-on-the-water and is a short 10 minute drive from the venue itself. Bourton does also offer a wider range of takeaways and B&Bs, so it’s always worth a visit!

The Westwoods Centre

Event Summary

  • The event begins at 6PM on June 8th, and ends at 6PM on the June 12th 2017
  • 56 BYOC spaces
  • On-Site Bar, details on opening times to follow
  • Male & Female toilets and showers
  • Disabled access is available throughout the entire venue
  • On-site camping
  • ADSL Internet access. (restricted to web browsing, internet chat clients & Steam login, See FAQ for further information)
  • FREE Wireless access for all participants
  • FREE BBQ on Friday night
  • Pub Quiz Saturday Night
  • Large Social & Console area

Ticket & Services prices

  • The entrance fee is discounted to £45 for participants until Midnight on the 8th May and £55 after
  • Spectator entrance fee is £5 per day or £10 for the entire weekend.
  • Server co-location is available for the cost of £10 for the weekend.
  • Additional wired connection is available for £5 for the weekend.

From the minute you’ve completed setup at the event until the minute you go home there will always be something to do! Play in one of our organised big games, participate in a tournament or chill out and have a few drinks with your mates! There will be a variety of game servers up over the duration of the LAN, but if there isn’t one up for the game you’d like to play, just ask! We’ll then try our very best to get one up for you, and even put an announcement out once its up so other people can join in! In short, LeachLAN 14 will be well stocked with fun-filled caffeine-fuelled gaming action!

Venue Address:
The Westwoods Centre
Bassett Road
GL54 3QJ

Click for Location

What should I bring to LeachLAN?

As a bring your own computer LAN event, to attend LeachLAN as a participant you will require the following to play games

  • Your computer
  • Monitor
  • Power cables for both
  • DP/DVI/HDMI/VGA cable to connect computer to monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse & mouse mat
  • Multi-socket power strip, you’ll only be allocated one power socket
  • Headphones/Microphone
  • Games and OS disks, along with CD keys just in case something goes wrong

Along with your computer, you’ll also need the following for your own hygiene and rest at LeachLAN

  • Tent (if camping)
  • Sleeping bag & mat
  • Pillow
  • Towel and wash kit (for showering)
  • Mobile phone & charger
  • Torch

It is also advisable to top up on food and drinks before coming. There is a Co-Op a 10 minute drive away and a Londis in the nearby town, but it’s always handy to have something to quench the munchies in the middle of gaming.

What can I fit on my desk?
The space you are designated allows for: one monitor up to 24″, one desktop pc, one keyboard and one mouse, an additional laptop can be used as long as it will fit in your remaining space. If you require a wired connection for your additional laptop, this will have to be organised in advance.

If you wish you bring more equipment this can be discussed, but likely this will involve buying a 2nd seat.

Do I have to pay for an additional Network Connection if I want internet for my Laptop?
You do not, no! Wireless is now free to all event participants. However if you wish to use a second Laptop for gaming you will have to pay for an additional network connection, as the Wireless is not designed to support gaming!

What do I do about sleep?
While there is a small space indoors for some people to sleep, we request that you bring tents to sleep on the grass area just outside the building, not only does this give you a little more space to put things but it also means that you’re less susceptible to other people’s sleeping habits. For those who are not keen on sleeping in tents there is a selection of B&Bs nearby.

Why is going to a LAN party better than playing online?

LAN parties connect everybody up with a significantly faster connection, meaning that when you play games it takes less time for your actions to be reflected the other players’ computers. You’re also in the same room with the people that are playing against you, so you can interact with them in real time without having to use a VOIP software like Team Speak or Ventrilo, this also makes it easier to set up games. LeachLAN is also a social LAN, meaning that as well as gaming, there are other fun activities to partake in and of course taking a break in the bar.

What about alcohol?

If you are over 18 there is a licenced bar on site selling drinks for reasonable prices. Bringing your alcohol purchased elsewhere is NOT allowed on the site. If you are under 18 and caught with alcohol you will be ejected from the event.

What is there to eat?

We have a selection of snack foods for sale on the front desk, along with facilities for “add hot water” and microwavable meals. The local Londis is a short walk away for other snacks. For more substantial meals, there is a chip-shop in the village or the nearby town of Bourton-on-the-water is only a 10 minute drive away and offers a variety of takeaways. Fear not if you can’t drive however as it is likely that people will be friendly enough to offer you a lift or bring you back something. Additionally, on the Friday night there will be a barbecue.

How secure is my equipment?

Security of your PC equipment is your responsibility, we accept no liability for loss or damage of any equipment you bring to our events. It is advisable for you to keep items with you. However, when signing in you are given a lanyard with badge on and a wristband. Only people with a lanyard & badge will be allowed in the venue.

What can I plug in to the mains?

With everyone requiring power, we have to balance the available current between all participants, giving about 1.5 amps per person. Therefore, on the sockets at your desk, you can only plug in your computer, monitor, phone charger and other low current devices. This means that electrical devices such as kettles, toasters, hair-dryers and fridges may not be connected to these sockets. However, a hot water urn, microwave and toaster will be available for your use on the front desk.

What if I get hurt?

We have a number of staff that are trained in emergency first aid in case of an accident. Please alert a member of staff immediately if medical attention is required.

What can I use the internet for?

As our connectivity for the event is limited we ask that you be considerate. You can only use our internet for chat clients (Hangouts, IRC), Steam Login (please update your client before the LAN), and web browsing but please avoid high bandwidth applications (video/music streaming, large file downloads, etc).

Who are the staff?

Dave “MorgyN” Engine – Event Manager
Jake “jakexks” Sanders – Tech Staff
Neil “lordneon” Jones – Tech Staff
Richard “IRConan” Connon – Tech Staff
Liz “Kelsa” Sampson – Event Staff






























As an introductory offer to some our events we allow anyone who is currently fully booked and paid for a qualifying event to invite a friend for just £5! To qualify your friend must have not have attended one of our qualifying events before and you can bring “just” one.

Bring a Newb is valid for LeachLAN14

If you want to take advantage of this offer you need to follow the instructions below.

  1. Get your friend to register.
  2. Drop us an email on behalf of them to billing@swlans.co.uk including their details and your details. (email address, real name and nickname)
  3. We will respond with a paypal link for the £5 fee.
Nickname Clan Name Seat Status
quora COGS Max Prettyjohns D5 Booked
DaCat COGS Robb Blakeman D7 Booked
Bytes COGS Robert D4 Booked
archdd COGS Dillon Keith Diep D6 Booked
samwisethetired COGS Sam Whitehouse D2 Booked
Bastard %0|%0 Iain Thomson H4 Booked
Boffinalex %0|%0 Alex Cooper H5 Booked
DobbyX COGS James Xiao E3 Booked
SGJester Sect Gaming David Anderson I5 Booked
Jimmy Spades RBT Tom Mutter G2 Booked
Longbow Pending Nicky Driver H3 Booked
Symphona {RÐG} Andrew I3 Booked
OddSock Team_Default Adam Davies G6 Booked
Esvandiary COGS Andy Martin H2 Booked
jezcentral Jeremy Anderson I4 Booked
Xeigho Greg Young E5 Booked
lolchrist COGS Glenn Searby E7 Booked
2kah (0v0) Adam F5 Booked
Zaineph RBT Jason Lundy G3 Booked
Ease RBT James Davies G4 Booked
fishface COGS Chris F3 Booked
darfgarf %0|%0 Gareth Francis H6 Booked
crawphish RDG Joel Potts I2 Booked
Tone RBT Chris Smith G5 Booked
nightjuju Sect Gaming Mark Sellwood I6 Booked
wildfire 0v0 Chris K F2 Booked
Killin_spree95 COGS Aaron Kerr D3 Booked
Francesca 0v0 Francesca F1 Booked
driftv 0v0 Aidan B F6 Booked
SoulElixir COGS Hakeem D8 Booked
kingkdex RBT Philip Krejov G1 Booked
wyrm COGS Sam J5 Booked
Backbone PANDA Mike Redington G8 Booked
thomas.hussey Panda Thomas Hussey G7 Booked
HotChoc RÐG Joe Daly I1 Booked
Neophrite COGS Kieran Cooper D1 Booked
Sshhh COGS Sarah H1 Booked
EtherealOne COGS Max Robinson E1 Booked
RoF COGS Michael E2 Booked
RichUK #giml Rich F7 Booked
MidnightMask Katie J6 Booked
MoleMan Joel Matthewman E8 Booked
flowermay COGS Natasha E6 Booked
poonage chris chutpinyacoub J4 Booked
fw190a8 Chris Cohen F8 Booked
smooth_criminal1990 %0|%0 Jason Aftalion H7 Booked
fergus Fergus J3 Booked
TP2k COGS Dan Foster F4 Booked